Who plays that game?


Pure Blue Reason

We have changed from the old site, manciniantimes.wordpress.com for various reasons, including the fact that noone damn knows what a Mancinian was, including me. A quick google search turns up exactly that blog… Continue reading

Correspondence from Ardad

I have been understandably reticent to speak of this; the consequences of the forthcoming letter are no less than foundation-shaking and revelatory. I have spent many hours pondering the consequences of revealing this… Continue reading

Suckers for Ash Wednesday

There is a group on campus right now giving out suckers for Ash Wednesday. What a strange thing to do without irony.

Immediate Death Benefits

Your nervous system is designed (not in the “designer” sense) to make life or death decisions regularly (citation needed). If you do not exercise this ability, it cannot develop and will atrophy as… Continue reading

Dickens Workhouse Saved, Exploited

London – The workhouse that probably inspired the workhouse in Oliver Twist was saved today, as Britain declared it a national treasure. Like all national British treasures, and like the tenants of the… Continue reading

The Most Worthless Substance That Has Ever Existed.

When it comes to the concept of worthlessness, most Americans instantly conjure an image of Paris Hilton or some similarly apparent vacancy of a human body. Another common instance of worthlessness is the… Continue reading

Fun with Spam, Pt. 3ish

MSN Messenger: that great land of completely secure conversations with the friendliest people on the planet. Today a lovely young lady named Christina <Christinapumi@hotmail.com> added me as a friend without any prior knowledge… Continue reading

Mancinian Times’ Primer on Epic Fails

Epic Fail. A phrase that originated in the backwoods of the internet, to signify a fail that was more than exemplary. A fail that was, in fact, epic. Epic: of unusually great size… Continue reading

Good god.

Ok, in order to shamelessly give you people what you want: here it is, hopefully I’ll get higher up on the google search for the #1 search term that ends up here at… Continue reading