Godwin’s law.

“So, I went in to order a cappuccino, and the guy behind the counter said that the espresso machine wasn’t working.”

“Oh, dude.”

“Yeah, I know. So I ordered a regular coffee, but they were out of that, too, because the water was shut off.”

“Weak, man.”

“Right, so I start bitching him out, right? What kind of coffee shop doesn’t have coffee or espresso? And he starts giving me all this lip about how there’s construction and shit, and the repair guy’s on the way to fix the machine. He was trying to get out of it by saying I could have a free scone or some junk, but I didn’t come in for that, I came in for coffee. I yelled at him one more time and left.”

“Um, you’re kind of a prick. The guy was just doing his job. Pretty well, too, sounds like.”

“His job, huh? Lemme tell you about another group of people who were just doing their jobs, my friend. They were called Nazis.”


Godwin’s law.

not a nazi

Godwin’s law illustrates that comparing a situation to the holocaust or Nazism out of proportion to the circumstances is ridiculous and fatuous.

Also: Don’t be that guy. It’s not cool.