On Internetlessness, Summertime, and Girls With Pink Highlights.

Bad, good, very good. The end.

Oh, I’m not going to get away with that? Ok.

Thanks to a combination of just having moved and being intensely broke, the internet is not being broad- or even narrow-cast within the bounds of my house. Consequently, I spend a limited amount of time in cafes and computer labs to check email, superficially interact with people, and dull my senses. As a fantastic by-product of this condition, I now have a tan and some sort of energy or something. Ladies. All that and poetic, too. Just watch this:

Summertime birds tweet and twigs twang in trees and treehouses try to give kids what they want, adventure and absense of authority, all awareness is awakened and alive. My mouth is moist and my moistened tongue trips over nothing. The island of Zaknythos calls loudly and inverts morality. The sun is out and in. Ah. See how I did that? Awkwardly arranged my sentences to allow for alliteration? Threw in a Greek isle that you probably didn’t know about and I read about just this morning to make myself look all cultured and worldly? A lot of open-ended comments that one could interpret however they wished?There’s more where that came from, although unfortunately my transitions are awful. Also bikinis, which brings me to my next point.

What can be said about girls with pink highlights that hasn’t been said about coffee? They’re hot, addictive and frequently mass-produced shadows of what they once were. That said, I drink a lot of friggin coffee.