Phishing Scam Fun

I experienced some phishing scam fun today, and I’d like to share it:

<On Facebook>

Him :


i am interested in purchasing your item with no delay,but first? What is the final price of the item? Is the
price firm? Will you be accepting a US certified Check or money order
Contact me with the present state of the item and your contact
information to mail out the payment to you as soon as
possible. Name you want on check:
Home Address:
Phone Number/Office Number:


<Via Email>


Name you want on check: Thomas Cleberg
Home Address: <Personal information withheld>

The price is firm, and the book is in nearly new condition, only extremely minor wear and no inner marks of any kind. Yes, certified check or money order is fine. If you need me to ship the textbook, the price will be adjusted accordingly. Contact me back with any further questions.


thanks for your response and concern toward this transaction okay,i we arrange for the shipping company that we come for the pickup of the item in your place,and also to let you know that i we issue the payment for you as soon as possible. i seriously count on you in this transaction,all is well.stay bless
[ At this point, I realize it’s a scam. I decide to play along. ]
I absolutely will not release the item until confirmation of payment is received. Can I get some contact information for you please?
Thanks very much for your co-operation toward this transaction, the payment that was sent to you will probably deliver to you any moment as from today, I don’t want you to return the check back when you received it, cause my client bought some other items in the state which the same shipper will responsible for there pick up, Mean while,the payment consist the whole charges of the shipper. All I want you to do when you received the payment is to get it cashed and deduct the amount of your money out of it plus extra $50 out of it for any inconveniences in this transaction, the left over amount should be wire via Money Gram to the shipper’s information enclosed with the payment envelope, you don’t need to bother your self of the shipment, the shipper will take good care of the shipment.  I will want you to get back to me with any questions regarding this email immediately.


[ Excellent. It’s an auto-reply. Amazing.]
I will be more than happy to accommodate this. As soon as the payment unconditionally clears, I will be happy to forward your money to your friend. Please be advised that such checks can take several weeks to clear and, naturally, I will await that payment date to forward any money to anywhere at all. If and when the check clears, and I fully expect it not to, your friend, who I imagine does not reside in the United States, will receive a payment in full. If, as I suspect, the check does not clear, I will immediately begin proceedings to have your friend arrested as an accomplice to and beneficiary of wire fraud, as well as forwarding all information I have to the FBI so that they can begin, or I actually imagine, continue their investigation against you. If I am in error in my way of thinking, all doubts will be put out of my mind as soon as the check unconditionally clears and you send me some contact information.
[Anxiously and Fruitlessly Awaiting Reply ]