Phishing scam fun pt. 2

To my utter amazement, my friend Ben Smith actually replied:


ok, can verify the check when you received it ok,there is no problem as regard that ok,so i will get back to you with the tracking number for the check as soon as i have it wit me ok,all is well.stay bless


Fantastic, glad all is well. Now if you would just provide me with the contact information I have repeatedly requested we can go ahead with the deal. Without any contact information, I have to assume, despite your excellent grammar, that you have something to hide. I’m nothing like confident that you have acted in completely good faith in this attempted transaction. I look forward to our next correspondence and to speaking with you on the phone, since I’m sure you’d very much like to verify that your extremely flattering faith in me was not misplaced. You strike me as an educated individual and I would hope that in your studies you have learned that people on the internet may not be what they appear and that unblinking trust is not necessarily the best policy in transactions such as this. Stay bless.