Immediate Death Benefits

Your nervous system is designed (not in the “designer” sense) to make life or death decisions regularly (citation needed). If you do not exercise this ability, it cannot develop and will atrophy as if it were an unused limb. This is why the fat kid who never takes a chance always bites it when he tries to follow the risk-taking, athletic kid. If you are the fat kid, it is imperative that you do not attempt to risk your life without prior practice for your system.

If you are merely an average member of society in the modern age, as most of those reading this will be, your life-or-death-decision-making skills are probably in a deep state of atrophy. I suggest a rigorous, yet measured, life-risking program. If you skydive, frequent violent-biker bars, or have unprotected sex with strangers frequently, the world will quickly give you feedback that will improve your decision making skills for the future. Well, that or you’ll buy the whole thing.