An Open Letter to a Fourteenth-Century English Scholar: What are we doing with ourselves?

[At Oxford in the 14th Century} Most students had high spirits and empty pocketbooks. The most common theme in letters home was the need for money, son of which was certainly used for… Continue reading

Phishing scam fun pt. 2

To my utter amazement, my friend Ben Smith actually replied: Him: ok, can verify the check when you received it ok,there is no problem as regard that ok,so i will get back… Continue reading

Phishing Scam Fun

I experienced some phishing scam fun today, and I’d like to share it: <On Facebook> Him : PLEASE REPLY ME TO THIS EMAIL ADDRESS . SMITH_BEN033@YAHOO.COM i am interested in purchasing your item… Continue reading

Olympics Day 3

Basketball In what was probably the most-watched basketball game in the history of the sport, Yao-Ming began the game with a three-pointer and the Chinese played frantically to keep up with the USA’s… Continue reading

Olympics Day 2

Fencing After losing to her teammate in the semifinal match, 18-year-old Becca Ward of the USA, the #2 ranked sabre fencer in the world faces off against Sofiya Velikaya of Russia for the… Continue reading

Olympics, Day 1 pt. 3

Soccer Watching world-class soccer is something I do every time I get a chance. The tension that builds in the game is unbelievable, with entire national prides butting heads. The athleticism of the… Continue reading

Olympics, Day 1 Pt. 2

Equestrian I watched the dressage (dres-aage) runs of a few riders, and I’ve got to say that my memories of equestrian weren’t really updated in much any way, but as I’m a very… Continue reading

Olympics, Day 1

BADMINTON I had a chance to watch badminton today. Though not the most overtly exciting and popular of olymic events, I was nonetheless amazed at the athleticism of the competitors and the special… Continue reading


To devote one’s life to an ideal. To direct disciplined action to achieve an admirable end. To endure the pain of training and exertions of the flesh and mind, to overcome and succeed.… Continue reading

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