Top 10 Classical Pieces you Might Not Have Heard.

Top 10 Classical Pieces you Might Not Have Heard: This is a reintroduction to classical music for anyone whose main exposure to it has been the meager courses of Mozart and Beethoven that… Continue reading

Godwin’s law.

“So, I went in to order a cappuccino, and the guy behind the counter said that the espresso machine wasn’t working.” “Oh, dude.” “Yeah, I know. So I ordered a regular coffee, but… Continue reading

International Walk Like a Ninja Day

It has come to my attention that the universe is out of balance. The war between two factions in our society has gotten out of control. I am speaking, of course, of the… Continue reading


From “Stranger than Fiction” by Chuck Palahniuk- In college, we had to read about people shown pictures of gum disease. There were photographs of rotten gums and crooked, stained teeth, and the idea… Continue reading

A Blakey sort of pair of poems.

A couple of poems by a dude who knew what he was doing back in the eighteenth century: – The Little Boy Lost ‘Father, father, where are you going? O do not walk… Continue reading

Sea Dragons and Sanctity.

I’m outraged. Apparently, nature doesn’t think much of our institutions and traditions, so much so that it’s willing to flagrantly defy the usual course of behavior and cause a male animal, in this… Continue reading


I was sitting around thinking today about the feeling of awe, respect, excitement, etc. that comes, for me, with a thunderstorm. That first gust of a downdraft from the leading edge awakens something… Continue reading

Subtle danger.

The world welcomes us, and we should do no less. Embracing things the way they are is the only way for an alive person to behave. Detached sarcasm, while it can be hilarious… Continue reading

Recent unusable metaphors.

a dildo-stegosaurus a refillable gas-station soda cup of dreams the pompous soundtrack of our times a self-centered dinosaur of modern life a book of misunderstanding his face fell, as if on purpose she… Continue reading

Keep it awesome, keep it short.

Oi. Such a great word. It’s what linguists call an interjection, a filled pause, a continuative, a connective, an uninflected function word. It means “hey”, “what’s going on?”, “I need to start a… Continue reading